In The Objective you rent the best equipment to make your own images at your own pace, in complete freedom and with the necessary guidance. You will also get to know other image creators, with whom you can exchange ideas and who knows, start collaborations. This way you no longer have to work in solitude with average equipement on an island. The Objective also sees it as its task to help promote its loyal, talented artists to a wide audience.



In The Objective you can enjoy the advantages of a professional workspace, without having to make heavy investments or make structural commitments yourself. You rent the workspace with the specific material you need and pay by hour or day. If you like to work at ease without worrying about time, it is better to book a day or part of a day where you immediately enjoy a cheaper rate.

NEW - Do you regularly come to work in THE OBJECTIVE? Then it's best to choose a 5 BEURTENKAART. This card is valid for one year and can be used up to 5 times. (consumption of paper not included) A five turn card worth 250 euros can also be used for the use of the photo studio on two turns on the card. Conversely, the use of the digital studio and darkroom on a five turn card worth 500 euro will be charged as half a turn.

Digital studio: The digital studio is located on the ground floor and consists of four different workstations, each of which can be reserved on its own. You can scan negatives or positives in high resolution, make high-quality giclée or inkjet prints, check colours on a calibrated screen or create files using the adobe creative cloud. The price of the digital studio includes the use of the space including hardware and software, insurance, electricity, heating, wifi, water, coffee and support during the start-up. Paper and ink are not included in the price. You can either bring your own paper or buy paper on the spot. See material list below.



Dark room: In the basement, the dark room is equipped with a large sink and enlargers to make your own prints in black and white (colour at a later date). The hourly rate of this studio space includes the use of the darkroom, the enlargers, insurance, electricity, heating, chemicals, water and coffee. Paper is not included in the price, but can be bought on the spot or brought with you. For the use of the darkroom, prior knowledge is required. If you do not have previous knowledge, you can either attend a workshop or book individual coaching with your reservation. 



Photostudio: The photostudio is a characterful space of 6 by 6 meters with a wooden floor, long brown-gold colored curtains and a large window. You can choose whether you want to shoot with daylight or flashlight or even darken the room completely for your shots. For the make-up artist and dressing a separate room is provided with daylight as well. The photo studio is equipped with different backgrounds (paper and cloth), a light box, 4 flashbulbs, reflection panels, light meter, trigger, 2 softboxes, 1 octa, 1 beautydish, 2 umbrella, 1 tree stand, 2 camera stands, different grids, etc...). The hourly rate of the photo studio includes the use of the space, the studio equipment, insurance, electricity, heating, wifi, water, coffee and accompaniment at the start. When using a paper background, the part that is dirty or damaged will be charged separately at 15 euros + VAT per running meter. 



When making prints, you need equipment that is not included in the rate of using the workspace, but you can buy it on the spot. An overview is given below. These prices are only for the material and therefore do not apply if you outsource the printing work to The Objective, where the price calculation is structured differently. Feel free to ask for a custom proposal via the contact form.



Because there are a number of practical rules for sticking prints on dibond or forex or for stretching a canvas, you should preferably decide how you want to finish the print before printing. Feel free to ask in the studio what points of attention there are. Are you convinced of your print/cloth and would you like it to stick or stretch? The Objective is happy to offer you the service so that you don't have to move around. The following week you can come and pick up the finished product in Het Lobief. Prices on request.