Welcome to the online reservation page of The Objective! Choose your workplace below and the hours /day part you want to use it, consult the agenda on the website and immediately decide which time suits you best. Make your reservation and receive a confirmation email in your mailbox. Ready! Payments are made as usual on the spot with card or 5/10 hour timesheet. If you have less than an hour of work, feel free to call 0478740291 and ask if there is room to jump in. 


For each workstation, guidance is provided during start-up. If you need extra guidance or advice, you can reserve, in addition to your workplace, the number of hours that you require individual guidance. 

  • 1 uur

    20 euro + btw

  • 2 uur

    40 euro + btw

  • 4 uur

    50 euro + btw